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You A. Ho, Moynihan A. A Distributorless Engine Management System #280 Describes the design and development of a Distributorless Ignition System (DIS) which was interfaced to aECC-IV 4 cyl engine. Details of ECA and PIP ignition functions. IEEE FORD UK
Flis T.J. The use of microprocessors for electronic engine control 1982 CH1799-6/82/0000/0003 Engineering overview of problems and strategy of implementing an electronic engine controller. High level flow charts and description of operating modes. Details of microprocessor design, memory partitioning and software microcode. Description of evolutio IEEE FORD
Simmers, C Specialized I/O and High speed CPU yields microcontroller for automobiles 1984 CH2072-7/0000-0003 Detailed engineering description of Intel 8096 as applied to automobile ECA. Surely, Intel's experience with FORD had an inpact on this product. IEEE Intel
Williamson T. Using th 8051 with resonant transducers 1984 CH2072-7/84/0000-0043 Detailed engineering analysis of interfacing transducers to microprocessors. IEEE Intel
Mills R.A. A high level language implementation of an engine control strategy 1984 CH2072/84/0000-0037 Describes the development of a PASCAL like language for coding the ECA. Gives detailed insight into code structure, interputs, ECA processes. IEEE FORD
Srodawa R.J., Gach R.E., Glicker A. Preliminary experience with the automatic generaton of 8061 code 1984 CH2072/84/0000-0059 Descripton of the FORD high level programming language, FACT. IEEE FORD
Mastroiianni J. R. Automotive Applications of Silicon-based Sensors 1985 Fifth International Conference on Automotive Electronics IEEE
Campau R.M. EEC-IV takes on the tasks: a status report 1984 Integrated Congress on Transportation Electronics, 1984 Desctiption of development plan and history of EEC-IV. Details of ECA archecture, software function partitioning, memory usage, memory space allocation, self test evolution, etc. IEEE FORD
Foss A.M., Heath R.P.G., Heyworth P. Thermodynamic simulation of a turbocharged spark ignition engine for ECA 1989 C391/044 Detailed engineering description of engine development. " A nonlinear dynamic model of an intercooled, turbocharged spark ignited engine is developed for the purpose of evaluating microprocessor-based wastegate and ignition control laws. The engine system IMechE FORD
8 bit microcomputers 1987 Microprocessor Data Book, article 270048-003 Engineering data sheet on 8031 family of microprocessors. This family probably includes the FORD/Intel 8061. Intel Intel
Fault tollerant software techniques 1982 820106 SAE FORD
Development of a cost-effective spark and fuel control system 820248 SAE FORD
Development of an optimal auto control microprocessor FORD / Intel 1982 820250 SAE FORD
EEC-IV tomorrow's electronic engine controls today 1982 820900 SAE
Turbocharging the 1983 1/2 - 1984 FORD 2.3L OCH engine 1984 840251 SAE
European applications of FORD central fuel injection engine control system 1984 840546 SAE FORD
The pragmatics and development of diag aid for auto elect systems 1985 850423 SAE FORD
Status of the FORD universal development computer system 1987 871574 SAE FORD
EEC-IV module thermal analysis program 1990 901719 SAE FORD
FORD races its ECC-IV to improve production vehicle performance 1991 910253 SAE
Hagen David F, Wilkie Dennis F EEC-IV Tomorrow's Electronic Engine Controls Today 1982 International Congress on Transportation Electronics Procedings P-111 Excellent overview of FORD strategy on EFI for the 80's. Includes details and archecture of EEC-IV and ECA chip set (8061 & 8361). Goes into detail of development and legacy of ECA. Describes both the hardware and software development tools. SAE / P-82/111 FORD
 Ford parts & service division technical training  Auto microcomputer systems  1986  CTP-1986-5
 Training manual for dealer mechanics    FORD
 EEC strategies  1987  CTP-1987-5
 Training manual for dealer mechanics    FORD
 EEC specialized strategies  1988  CTP-1989-2
 Training manual for dealer mechanics    FORD